When you think about a personal trainer, it might conjure images of a beefed-up guy yelling at his client, pushing them to near collapse. Or perhaps you’ve always thought that personal trainers are something that only celebrities use? Banish both of these thoughts, and instead embrace the idea that YOU could benefit greatly from hiring a personal trainer!

Whether you hire one independently, or through the gym that you attend, the benefits are the same. The one-on-one experience that you receive from a personal trainer can make your workout regime so much more effective than if you go it alone.

Here are 5 of the great benefits you’ll get when you hire a personal trainer:

1)      A personalised workout plan: Your personal trainer will take the time to listen to your goals and get an understanding of your lifestyle in order to tailor your workout plan properly. If your goal is to lose a stone, they’ll recommend the cardio exercises that will help you do that. Many personal trainers are trained in nutrition too, so they can advise you on changes you can make to your diet to help you achieve your goals.

2)      Proper instruction: Your personal trainer will instruct you on the best exercises to do in order to achieve your goal, and most importantly, they’ll show you how to do them correctly. Performing exercises incorrectly may cause more harm than good, in the form of strained muscles. Let your trainer instruct you on how to perform each exercise, as well as how many repetitions to do in order to achieve the best results.

3)      Motivation: How many times have you planned on going to the gym, but then lost your motivation and found any excuse to get out of it? Your personal trainer is there to motivate you in many ways. If you’re paying for the service, then you’ll be wasting your own money by cancelling sessions at the last minute. If your motivation is wavering, your trainer will remind you of how far you’ve come, how close you are to your goal, etc, and help you to remember how great you always feel once those endorphins kick in!

4)      A varied workout: Doing any activity repeatedly can become incredibly monotonous and boring. You wouldn’t want to eat the same meal every single day, so why perform the same exercises every day? Your personal trainer will vary your exercise routine and stop you from getting bored. A varied regime also means you’ll be working different muscle groups, giving you a better overall workout.

5)      An efficient workout: Most of us have busy lifestyles and use this as an excuse for not exercising. Your personal trainer will tailor your workout for maximum efficiency. He or she knows the best exercises to work different muscle groups and burn fat effectively when time is of the essence. An efficiently-planned 20-minute workout can be much more effective than aimlessly flitting between machines in the gym for an hour on your own.