When we think of getting fit, a monthly subscription to a gym usually springs to mind. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Gyms can be expensive and, let’s face it, most of the time, we can’t be bothered to go.

Thankfully, you can get fit at home without having to change your routine. Here are 5 great ideas to start you off:

Tooth brush squats – we clean our teeth at least twice a day, so why not make the most of that time? Consequently, when you’re brushing those ‘pearly-whites’ start squatting! It might sound weird but it’s a great 3-minute workout. What’s more, your teeth will be clean as a whistle!

Advert star jumps – how do you spend your time during the adverts that interrupt your favourite TV programmes? Checking your phone? Making a cup of tea? Why not use that time to get in shape instead? For example, every time the adverts come on, get up and do some star jumps.

Stair running – the things you climb every day to get to bed. Why not use them as your gym? Run up and down them, use the bottom step and work 50 reps. They’re free, convenient and are an excellent way to exercise your legs!

House work – if your house is a total mess, full of clutter and covered in dust, and if your garden is completely overgrown, then it’s fair to say that getting everything clean and tidy is going to be a nightmare. However, it needs doing anyway, so why not set to and tackle it? By getting stuck in to the task, you’ll burn a lot of calories.

Hoover lunge – now that you’ve dusted the work tops, trimmed the garden and de-cluttered everywhere, it’s time to hoover. Most people try to get the job over and done with as quickly as possible but it’s represents a great chance to work your legs and bottom. Start lunging as you make your way around the room.

The above are merely a few suggestions to help you get started. If you find you’re getting the fitness bug you could think about hiring some gym equipment for your home. Get in touch to find out more.