One of the most common excuses we hear for people not going to the gym is that they don’t have time after work. It’s true, we all have busy lives, so if you want to get fit and healthy you have to make exercise a priority in your life. However, if you genuinely don’t have time to get to the gym due to work and family commitments, all is not lost. There are ways that you can fit more activity into your daily life so that you’ll be exercising without even realising it!

  1. Leave the car at home: If you find that you’re relying on your car more and more for shorter journeys, this is one great way that you can make a change and increase your fitness. Next time you need to go to the shops, leave the car at home and walk there. Walking helps to burn calories, tone your muscles, and keep your weight in check. For an upper body workout, try using your shopping bags as resistance weights and doing some bicep curls as you walk!
  2. Take the stairs: If you work in a multi-storey office building with a lift, you probably rely on it too much to carry you to your office. Start taking the stairs instead and you’ll soon notice the difference. Walking up several flights of stairs helps to tone your legs and bottom, and it gives your heart and circulatory system a good workout too.
  3. Put more effort into housework: Cleaning the house is so dull and boring that many of us put it off for another day when in fact we should be enjoying this extra opportunity to be active! Try adding in some leg lunges whilst you vacuum the living room, and really put some elbow grease into polishing your woodwork and mirrors. Once you’ve finished with the house, there’s always the lawn to mow, and the leaves to sweep – your home is filled with opportunities for exercise.
  4. Get off the bus a couple of stops early: If the bus picks you up close to home and drops you off close to work, you probably don’t get much opportunity for exercise during your commute. Getting off the bus two or three stops early might add ten minutes to your journey, but it’s ten minutes of exercise that you wouldn’t have had otherwise!
  5. Play with your kids: If you have children or grandchildren you’ll know how active they are all the time. Kids are always on the go and have tonnes of energy, and by playing something like football, cricket, tag, or catch with them you’ll be getting yourself some exercise, and also helping them to burn off some energy so that they’ll hopefully fall asleep easily at bedtime!