So, you’ve been going to the gym for a few months now. You have a routine – you know which machine you’ll head to first and know where you’ll be heading after that. The problem is, it’s always the same and your motivation is starting to wane.

What can you do to make your workouts a little more enjoyable? Well, we’re going to show you.


You have a few favourite machines at the gym and you generally stick to them, right? After all, those huge guys at the weights stations can be a bit intimidating. You don’t want to bother trying those do you?

Well, to be honest, you should. Sticking to the same equipment over and over again is not only going to get boring, it’s also not the best way to improve. To put it bluntly, you need to test yourself in order to grow, and that involves trying new equipment.

Invite your friends

If you’ve been going to the gym all by yourself for the past few months, it’s bound to become a little boring. Unfortunately, joining a gym club can be quite expensive.

In which case, why not make your own? Invite friends to join you and compose a schedule for that one session. Or, do different sporting events each week with your new group.

Set goals

Without a target, it’s difficult to gauge your progress.  So, set yourself both long- and short-term goals. Short-term; every time you enter the gym, aim to walk out having run so many miles or completed so many reps. Long term; dream big! For example, aim to lose that weight you hate or train for a marathon.

Reward yourself

To remain motivated, you must have incentives. Therefore, when you reach a significant goal – whether you’ve lost ten pounds or completed a certain distance – treat yourself. You’ve worked hard and achieved your objective, so why shouldn’t you be rewarded?

Visit a new gym

Sometimes, we can just become bored with our surroundings. If you’ve been going to the same gym for months and months it might be time to move on. Find another gym near you and start going there. A new environment can make a big difference.

It’s important not to let yourself get fed up with working out, as boredom will kill your motivation. If you want to achieve your goals, you'll need to keep your training interesting!