Do you feel like you’re getting absolutely nowhere with your workout? Well, odds are, you’re doing something wrong... but what?


As much as you hope that your half an hour on the treadmill and twenty minutes on the cross-trainer will completely evade all trace of that (incredibly delicious) chocolate brownie that you may or may not have had three squares of – it won’t.  We’re not saying you’re not allowed to satisfy your sweet tooth every now and again, but if a desperate dash to the shops to grab whatever goodies are in sight is a nightly thing, that’s where you’re going wrong.

Losing weight and getting fit is all about the perfect balance of exercise and diet; they go hand in hand and don’t work so well without the other. Giving up your favourite naughty snacks may seem like the end of the world to you right now, but you’ll find it a breeze in no time.

Find substitutes for your junk food cravings: try swapping sweeties for berries, and veggie sticks for crisps. Or if that just isn’t going to kick the cravings, have a look at these tips to resist.

Same old

Most people have a favourite exercise that they like to do at the gym or at home, and we’re sure a lot of people have a least favourite exercise too. This means that many of you are culprits of doing the Not only is that super boring for you, but it’s getting you nowhere.

Change it up! Try cardio one day and weights and floor work another, or if you really do love that treadmill and can’t go a workout without it, mix up your routine by trying different speeds and inclines. Set yourself challenges and see what you can do – you never know, you may just surprise yourself.

Not pushing yourself

Whilst you might find your daily trips to the gym a treat, you’ve got to think about what you’re actually doing there. Are you coming out with your make-up and hair still looking flawless or your t-shirt stone dry? You know as well as we do that that proves you’re not pushing yourself to full potential. Up the resistance on the cross-trainer, add some weight to that bar, and don’t be afraid to get sweaty!

Pushing yourself TOO much

And now for the opposite: the gym-bunnies that push themselves too much. Going all out with your workout every single day is unrealistic and not the best thing to do for your body at all. It’s so important to give yourself to rest days to let your body recuperate. Skipping or ignoring the idea of rest days leads to a higher risk of injuries, lack of sleep, as well as exhaustion – and you won’t be hitting those goals if all you can think about is bed, will you!

Too much cardio

There is such thing as too much cardio. Whilst we’re definitely not taking away from the fact that cardio machines are a great way to exercise, it’s always worthwhile to invest some time and effort into the things that don’t count the calories with every move you make.

Weight training not only is the best way for you to tone up, but it loses just the same amount – if not, MORE – calories than cardio exercise. Plus it can be a lot more exciting than spending forty minutes cycling on a fitness bike every time you work out! If you’ve found yourself too engulfed in the world of cardio and not sure where to start, consider a personal trainer or getting a friend to show you the ropes!

Not clued up

It’s always a good idea to know exactly what each machine or each exercise is doing for you – that means where it’s targeting and where you’re building your strength. There’s not much point in only ever doing exercises that target your arms, is there?

You want to work your whole body. If you’re not sure how, try looking up things like ‘the best exercises for legs’ or YouTube all-over-body workouts to give you some fitspiration! But don’t just head to a certain type of gym equipment just because everyone else seems to use it – know what suits you and what will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Lack of motivation

If you’re sitting there thinking ‘What fitness goals?’, then there’s another problem! Giving yourself goals and setting yourself challenges, whether for weight loss or a new personal best, will give you the extra motivation you need to make a difference, as well as making it fun for you! It will make you want to come back to the gym or the at-home routine again and again.

Without motivation and excitement to get fit, you just won’t see the point of waking up early or having to put your favourite TV show on record to get in a workout. Finding that boost for fitness will help you to prioritise finding a convenient time to exercise, which is exactly what you need to make a difference!