Don’t expect to witness dramatic results from your training regime if you simply workout and neglect to fill your body with the right type of fuel. Think of your body as a finely-tuned car - it needs suitable fuel and fluids to make it function properly.

Cod liver oil is a healthy supplement to take as part of a training programme. If you are watching your diet and focusing on nutrition, a daily dose of cod liver oil packs your body with vitamins A and D. It also provides a healthy source of Omega 3, an essential fatty acid.

Cod liver oil is good for you in several ways…

Try it to:

1. Lower cholesterol

We’ve covered the subject of lowering cholesterol in a previous blog. If you suffer from high cholesterol, then you may be more prone to heart attacks, strokes and rising blood pressure.

Studies show that a simple act, like taking a cod liver oil capsule each day as part of your regular diet, can help lower cholesterol.

2. Keep joints healthy

Like the parts of a machine, the joints in your body need lubrication. When they become inflamed they can start to cause problems.

Cod liver oil acts as an anti-inflammatory. It keeps joints healthy and helps reduce bone-related issues, such as arthritis.

So, why not oil those bones to enhance those workouts? Don’t let a lack of joint care cause you to grind to a halt.

3. Boost bone mass

By taking a daily dose of cod liver oil, you are filling your body with vitamin D, which is great for building bone mess. In contrast, a lack of vitamin D can lead to softening of the bone, a condition known as osteomalacia. Soft bones are the last thing you want if your work out regularly.        

There are various supplements designed to maintain health and support active lifestyles. Take cod liver oil to help protect your joints, lower cholesterol and keep your body in peak workout condition.