Since Apple have just released their own music streaming service, we thought we’d go music-focussed on the blog this week.

The majority of us use music to remain motivated during a workout. And today, most of us use our smartphones as our MP3 players. We spend weeks creating and perfecting playlists of our favourite wake-up songs, night time chills, and workout motivators.

So, whether you use the MP3s on your phone, subscribe to a streaming service like Apple Music or Spotify, or you still carry a cassette player – we’re going to show you how to create the very best workout playlist going.

The Ease in

It can take your body anywhere from five to seven minutes to activate the muscles and warm yourself up. That’s why you should start your playlist with 1-3 mid-tempo songs. They need to be able to motivate you into your workout too

Try and find mid-tempo songs that built in intensity throughout. These will lead perfectly onto your next phase.

The Fuel

After your initial warm up phase your body is going to really want to start pushing itself. The music you choose here will help you maintain tempo, so a fast upbeat range of tracks is important. Find songs with lyrics that motivate you too. Then, when you’re body starts to feel your workout, your music can help push you forward.

Note: don’t get carried away. Your ‘fuel phase’ might be so motivating and upbeat that you push your body that step too far. If you’re new to the workout, don’t overdo yourself.

The cool off

This you coming down the hill. It’s the easy part. It’s really down to you to decide what to play here. We don’t recommend anything too up-tempo like in ‘the fuel’ phase. Slow rhythms and soothing tunes are what you should look for here. Something to help you relax.

And that’s really it. Making a playlist to help you get the most of your workout is easy. Just make sure you get the tempo right for each phase!