First time gym-goers might not think they need to take much with them for a workout. You’re wearing all the gear you need, all you have to do is jump on a treadmill and you’re good to go. Well actually, there are a few essential items that will make gym life easier and more enjoyable.

We’ve put together our list of five essential items every gym-goer should own.

A gym bag – Most head to the gym after work. That means a gym bag large enough for your training gear and work clothes is essential. It’s better to have more than enough room than not enough, so the bigger the better.

A padlock – Most gym facilities don’t provide locks for your own use. Keep a padlock or combination lock in your gym bag at all times. Make sure you use a combination of numbers that are easy to remember too. You don’t want to forget the combo and have all of your belongings stuck inside a locker!

A small towel – It’s essential you take a hand towel into the gym with you. The majority of gyms don’t provide these and you’ll find yourself having to wipe sweat from your eyes a lot. You’ll also be required to wipe down any sweat that has landed on the machines.

An MP3 – Some choose to take their phone into the gym and use that as an MP3 player. We advise against this. Running a treadmill or pedalling a bike can easily cause you to drop your phone, and we all know how delicate they are nowadays. Load an MP3 with some motivational feel good music and keep it in your gym bag with headphones. Trust us when we say it’ll transform your workout.

Bottled water – Of course you need bottled water in your gym bag. You didn’t need us to tell you that. But we just want to say that we’re not talking about store bought bottled water. Buying that means you’re only going to throw the plastic bottle in the bin when you’re done. No, we’re talking about picking up a reusable bottle. Keep that in your bag and fill it up when you hit the gym. You’re staying hydrated and doing your bit for the environment.

Those are our five essential items you need for the gym. Let us know if you can’t live without anything else!