Exercise bikes are great for fitness.  We at Fit Hire are happy to make that claim, knowing that such bikes are an excellent option for those of you who want to tone up and improve your cardiovascular performance.

Furthermore, the relatively light weight and small size of these machines makes them very suitable for home use. It's fair to say that getting fit at home has never been easier, but perhaps the main consideration for someone thinking about an exercise bike is whether to hire or buy?

Hiring equipment is a good option for those embarking on a new fitness regime. Rent a bike, for example, and you...

Spread the cost

Hiring an exercise bike enables you to spread the cost of payments; you pay the same weekly fee and don’t have to worry about buying a bike outright.

There are no large sums of money to pay straight away when you hire a bike.  It’s a low-cost alternative that’s good for your health and better for your bank balance too.  

Try before you buy

Hiring a bike allows you to see how things go with your new workout before committing to a purchase.  Many people buy fitness equipment on a whim, only to find that the novelty wears off when they discover that getting fit inevitably requires a degree of commitment.  By trying before you buy, you reduce the risk of having expensive equipment sit there idle and unused.  

Naturally, we hope that will you take to training and decide to invest in your own workout equipment.  Hiring in the first instance provides a good basis for making an informed decision when it comes to choosing a machine that matches your requirements.

Have access to modern machinery

When you rent an exercise bike from Fit Hire, you have access to the latest hi-tech equipment. There’s no making do on wobbly second-hand gear; our bikes are modern and they’re gym spec.  They will soon have you in great shape.  

Have support if there’s a problem

Rent an exercise bike and you can exchange it if something goes wrong with the machine.  Buy a bike and, unless it comes with a comprehensive warranty, you are stuck with it if there's a problem.

Rent for as long as you like

Another benefit of hiring an exercise bicycle is you can keep it for as long as you like.  Try one out for a month and see how you get on.  Then, if you like it, you can either buy a machine of your own or continue to rent on a monthly basis.  We're happy to provide a bike for as long as you want one!

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