Getting fit as a family shouldn’t be a chore. In fact, it’s tons of fun if you know how to put a bit of enjoyment into a family workout.

Forget Wii fitness or interactive games on a PS4, to really get fit you need to get out of the house and try these healthy but enjoyable exercises.

Go on a bike ride

Kids love bikes so why not go for a ride as a family? There are plenty of cycle routes throughout the UK, many are converted train lines which sweep through woodland settings, they’re flat, easy to navigate and picturesque.

Pack a healthy picnic and stop for a bite to eat en route. Don’t forget to measure the distance you have covered during the day, this way you’ll be able to work out how many calories you have lost. 

Head to a swimming pool

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise.

Take the kids along to a public pool and give your body an all-over workout. You can have a ‘splashabout’ afterwards to bump up the fun levels. Go once or twice a week and you’ll soon be feeling the benefits as a family. 

Play games in the park

Rounders, cricket, football and touch rugby are great games to play in the park. Take part in team sports with the family and all that running about is bound to get you fit.

Take care though, don’t fall victim to competitive parent syndrome. This will only spoil the day and there’ll be tears and tantrums on the way home.    

Take the dog for a walk

When we say take the dog for a walk we mean a proper walk, not just a quick five minutes round the block!

Drive to a dog-friendly site if necessary. There are plenty of national trust locations that welcome dogs, walk around a nature reserve, take your pooch to a national park or head to a beach and have fun running up and down the sand.

The setting shouldn’t matter. As long as you enjoy the walk as a family and cover a fair few miles, you’ll all get the exercise you need.    

Getting fit doesn’t have to be tedious. Think of fun ways to achieve fitness with the family or for advice about fitness equipment get in touch with one of the friendly members of staff at Fit Hire.