If working out consistently was easy, everyone would be as fit as a fiddle.  The reality, however, is that it takes determination and real motivation – at least for the first few months, anyway.  After that, you’ll find yourself starting to enjoy working out; it’ll become a necessary part of your week.

Until that time, you’ll need to stay motivated.  Here’s our advice on how to do it.

Make it convenient

Find a place near to where you live to act as your workout spot.  It might be a gym, a park, or a stretch of road – just make sure it’s within walking distance.  One of the hardest parts about getting fit is finding the motivation to make the journey to the gym; so, if it’s close by, you won’t have any excuses.

Workouts you enjoy

Find the workouts that you enjoy most and do those when you’re not feeling like exercising.  Yes, you should mix up your workout routines and no, you can’t expect to love every exercise, but if you’re just not in the mood to workout, the thought of doing an exercise you enjoy may manage to motivate you.

Music is your motivator

An upbeat playlist really can get you in the mood to workout and, while you’re on the treadmill, for example, it can help push you even further.  Hence, it’s worth experimenting with some music you think will get you going.  Don’t forget to vary your playlist on a regular basis though – the same songs can become boring very quickly!

Make sure it’s in your schedule...

Be careful to schedule your workout times week by week.  Many people starting on the fitness trail find they have good excuses for not going on a run or heading out to the gym.  That’s because they haven’t scheduled their workout time in.  If you’re going to take your training seriously, you should be looking to plan social activities around your workout regime for the first few months.

For example; someone asks you to go for a few drinks after work – what do you do?  If it’s your gym night, you say ‘No’ and stick to it!

Take a friend

Find a friend who’s just as interested in getting fit as you are.  You can help motivate each other and you’ll find it harder to ditch the workout for the TV.  After all, you wouldn’t want to cancel on a friend, would you?

So, those are our top five tips for staying motivated to workout.  We’d be interested to hear yours?