Alright, you’ve signed up for the gym, but your membership card has sat unused in your wallet for several months. Worse still, you’ve only managed to go 3 times so far!

You tell yourself that you’ve had a lot on your plate and that this has kept you from exercising, but deep down, you know it’s just an excuse.

Okay, time for a little realism here…. you’re paying for this gym and you would like to get fit, right? The key question then, is how do you beat the dreaded procrastination?

Here are Fit Hire’s top 5 suggestions for overcoming your inertia:

1. Get into a routine

The best way to change old habits is to develop new ones. Are you an early morning person? If so, that’s when you should workout. If you prefer the evenings, then choose a suitable time later on. Ideally, you should train every two days.

Aim to be consistent - don’t miss a day or put off a session. Achieve this for a month and you’ll find that you’ve developed a new routine. It’ll no longer be a chore – just something you’re used to doing.

2. Put some music on

Music gets us motivated. Being pumped up to workout will help overcome any lethargy so, when you set off for the gym, put your headphones in. Put music on that’ll get you going and make you want to push yourself.

If you’d like some assistance, read Fit Hire’s guide to creating the perfect workout playlist: ( It can work wonders.

3. Go straight after work

You’ve had a long day at the office. You get home, sit on the couch, put the TV on and think ‘I’ll go to the gym tomorrow’. That’s not a good idea, because you the chances are that you won’t.

Don’t give yourself the opportunity to duck out - take your gym gear to the office with you and then head straight to the gym after work. You’ll be far less likely to put it off then!

4. Set goals

If you’re just turning up to the gym, doing a few miles on the treadmill, a few minutes on the rower or lifting a few weights, but you’re not really aiming for anything, you run the risk that your training will become boring and rapidly so at that. The reason? You’re not achieving anything are you?

To combat this, set goals and targets. Your target could be to lose a certain amount of weight or run a certain distance. When you achieve an objective, it makes all your hard work seem worthwhile.

5. Don’t bother with the gym

Yes, you have read that correctly! The gym environment doesn’t suit everybody. For some, it can actually be barrier to working out.

If you feel this way, then why not purchase or hire gym equipment so that you can exercise at home? There’ll be no need to trek to the gym every other evening – you can cycle those 15 miles or run that 10K in front of the TV!

Fit Hire has a range of equipment suitable for purchase or home hire. Take a look at our website ( or call the showroom (01730 825050) for friendly and professional advice.