A number of factors are linked to high cholesterol levels. Poor diet, smoking, a history of diabetes or strokes within the family are all indications your health could be at risk.

There are ways to reduce cholesterol levels and live a healthier lifestyle if you wish. In this blog, we explore some simple options for cholesterol reduction. Try them and reduce the risks of narrowing arteries, a heart attack or a stroke. 

Cut down on fats

Try to reduce your daily intake of fat and this will help to lower your cholesterol levels. Experts claim almost a third of cholesterol found within the body is derived from diet alone.

Be careful what you eat. The worst culprits are foods high in TRANS-FATS. These include pies, fatty cuts of meat, cakes and biscuits or cheeses and creams.

Aim to eat healthier foods.  Oily fish, nuts and lean cuts of meat, such as chicken and turkey, are just some of the options to choose.

Try fibre instead

Sources rich in fibre drag cholesterol kicking and screaming from your body. Try a hot, steaming bowl of porridge in the morning, eat lentils for lunch and have beans on toast for your tea!

Food groups rich in fibre are nutritious and filling. Furthermore, they gradually release energy and prevent cholesterol from clogging up your arteries.

Eat fish or take healthy supplements

Whenever you can, eat oily fish. Pilchards, trout, salmon and sardines are prime examples of fish packed with Omega-3, a healthy fatty acid.

Alternatively, take Omega-3 supplements - they are available in capsule form. Take them with a large glass of water.   

Exercise more!

Regular exercise is a proven way of reducing cholesterol too. Aim to workout at least three times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes. Get your heart pumping, feel out of breath and say hello to a healthy new you!        

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