Exercise and remaining active are crucial factors in a healthy lifestyle. Despite this, many of us lack the motivation to keep active or find it immensely boring. By taking up a sport, you can maximise your chances of enjoying an active lifestyle, where you’re able to connect with other people. When taking up a sport, you may not even see it as exercise, just as a passion you do on a regular basis. Here are some of the best sports and activities that offer a full body work out.


Swimming may not sound that appealing to everyone- swimming laps in a pool does sound a bit boring and repetitive, but it’s a low-intensity high-impact activity. This means that you can get a lot from swimming without feeling too drained afterwards. If you’re looking for other ways to get fit in the water, try water polo or swimming fitness classes- you’ll have a great time and start seeing results quite quickly.


More of an activity than a sport, walking is one of the best ways to keep your heart strong and healthy. No matter what your current fitness level is, pretty much everyone can reap the benefits from walking. There are plenty of walking and hiking groups throughout the UK that organise walks for every ability, as well as providing opportunity to see some of the most gorgeous places in the world.


Biking is often thought of as a way to target your lower body, but your arms and core work hard to ensure you stay balanced. You can take up cycling as a gentle family activity for Sunday afternoons, or on a more competitive basis, but this is a great all over work out that will have you toned up in no time.


With all that running, chasing and throwing, you’ll forget that basketball is a way to get fit and healthy. Instead, you’ll be having lots of fun with the other people in your club, making friends and having a great time.


From classic aerobics, to more dance-based classes like Zumba, cardiovascular class have been popular for a long time. One of the best and fun ways to use your whole body, you’ll find yourself as part of a supportive group. With so many people working towards the same goals, you’ll be more than motivated to stick with aerobics.


The world’s favourite sport offers one of the best cardiovascular workouts for your whole body. Chasing a small ball around such a big field with supportive teammates to score a goal will not only improve your fitness, but help you make solid new friendships.