Almost everyone starts January with the resolution to lose weight, become more active or eat healthily. It never crosses anyone’s mind to start their journey to improved health and fitness before Christmas, but there are so many great reasons to do this. If you find yourself buying into health-related New Year’s resolutions just to give them up by the end of February, these are the reasons you should implement your lifestyle changes before the New Year:

Increasing fitness before Christmas will help with your seasonal activities

If you want to ice skate or go skiing in the winter months, you’re only going to benefit from increased fitness levels when you start. This is also the season of office Christmas parties, so you’ll have increased body confidence and feel great. You may even decide to buy a new dress or suit you’ve had your eye on.

You’ve already decided on life changes, so do them

If you’ve sat down and thought about your lifestyle goals and how to achieve them, you should start immediately, rather than waiting until January because it’s the expected resolution. Healthy lifestyle changes don’t need to be a phase or a fad, and you should start as soon as you’ve committed to them. Getting fit and healthy doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, but the sooner you become healthy, the better.

Make gift-giving easy for your loved ones

If you find a sport, hobby or activity you enjoy before Christmas, your loved ones will be able to buy you extra equipment or required clothing for Christmas, eliminating the panic of not knowing what to buy. Whether it’s a set of horse riding boots, a new yoga outfit or a fancy tennis racket, you’ll have a Christmas present that’s thought out, practical and enjoyable.

Manage your holiday over-indulgence

By eating healthily and exercising before the holidays start, you’re more likely to make wise choices throughout the holiday period. This means you won’t feel the need to vastly increase your exercise regime in January, being able to stay at a constant rate. You’ll additionally make the Christmas leftovers last that little bit longer, and they make delicious sandwiches.

Use it as an excuse to bond with friends and family

Activities, such as booking a tennis court or playing squash for a couple of hours are a great way to catch up with family and friends in the lead up to Christmas. By inviting your loved ones to come and be active with you, they can support your journey to a healthier lifestyle, as well as stay fit and healthy themselves.

No matter why you want to improve your health and fitness, there’s no reason to wait until January to start. The point of changing your lifestyle is to bring positive changes for you. If you long to feel good about yourself, you should start your changes right away, rather than waiting. That way, you can tap into your motivation  and maximise the chances of making long term, positive changes in your life, rather than a New Year’s resolution fad.