As the advancement of wearable technology speeds up, we are finding ourselves swarmed by more and more fitness trackers. They are, it seems, the ideal accessory to track your fitness levels – how many steps you’ve taken today, your heart rate, the calories you’ve burned. All pretty useful information if you’re health conscious.

But if you’re new to fitness trackers it’s easy to become overwhelmed. To help make sure that you pick the best one, we have created a rundown of the best on the market this year.

Note: fitness trackers aren’t to be confused with smartwatches. The two are very different. Smartwatches often have very basic fitness tracking functionality baked in. The fitness trackers we list here have been designed to do one thing and one thing only: monitor your exercise.

Five – Withings Activite

Announced almost a year ago, this fitness tracker is Swiss made and probably the best looking on the market today. It looks, well, like a watch! So if you’re looking for subtle, this is the one for you. It can tell you the time, track your activity, counts burned calories, and monitors your sleeping pattern.

It’s one of the few fitness trackers you’ll actually want to wear. And if the price is too much, there’s a cheaper version that offers the same functions called the Withings Activite Pop.

Four – Jawbone UP24

This slick fitness tracker has three aims: calorie tracking, sleep monitoring, and daily activity tracking. It’s one of the most simple to use and slips easily on the wrist. It has no display though and there’s only an LED light that lets you know when it’s in sleep mode.

Three – Moov Now

This one’s really only for the runners and cyclers out there. It’s a small round element, that sits inside a strap which is then tied to your leg. It aims at offering advanced training plans and is pretty awesome at it. It can also double up as a standard activity band, offering both step counting and sleep tracking too.

Two – Jawbone UP3

The second Jawbone product on our list, this one has been touted as the perfect choice for the average Joe out there. It has a wonderful app platform and extra features. The key aim of the UP3 is to know when you aren’t moving enough and to encourage you to move more. Which is really all you ever need a fitness tracker to do.

If you’re looking for detailed analysis of your heart rate, look elsewhere.

One – Fitbit Charge HR

This fitness tracker has everything you’d expect, plus a little more. When hooked up to your phone, it even displays caller ID. It isn’t the most attractive on our list, but if you’re looking for the perfect fitness accessory, this one tops the list. The Fitbit apps and sites are super simple to use too!

So there you go. Our favourite fitness trackers. Have one that you prefer?

Let us know!