If you packed on a few too many pounds recently and are looking to lose weight, then don't delay, do something about it now!  However, if you’ve never walked into a gym before, it can be hard to figure out the best machines to start with.

In order to help you, we’ve put together a quick guide to the best gym equipment to lose those pounds!

The treadmill – I doubt if there’s a gym on Earth without a treadmill.  They can accommodate all levels of fitness and are effective calorie busters.  You need to keep up with the belt on the treadmill to stay on it, so there’s no option to take it easy and rest.  You’ll be losing weight in no time.

Rowing machine – A rowing machine works up 80% of your body's muscle mass, not just the arms and legs.  Because you are, in effect,‘spreading the load’ your body is able to work at a higher rate for a longer period of time.  Consequently, once you’ve found your rhythm, you can really start to burn the calories.

Stair steppers – Think treadmill, but with stairs.  Because you’re using this machine standing upright, you’re also using more muscle mass, which will, in turn, burn more calories!

Stationary bike – Like the treadmill, the stationary bike is a staple of every gym.  This workout is probably best for your joints too, as it is low impact.   However, many people hop straight onto an exercise bike without thinking about how the machine is set up.  You must make sure that the bike is correctly adjusted for your size otherwise you'll risk hurting your joints.  A badly adjusted exercise bike could be detrimental to your weight loss too.

Don’t just use one of the above – Okay, we’ve told you about 4 of the best gym machines for burning calories, so you’re going to head to the gym and pick one of them, right?

Well, for the best results, don’t just stick to one.  Use all of them.  Do 15 minutes on the bike, 10 on the stepper and so on.  This will work your whole body rather than one area and make the gym a little more fun.

Good luck!