Smartphones are now part of our lives. They’re the most personal item we own, containing everything from bank details to phone numbers. But what’s even more impressive – especially to us fitness lovers – is that they can improve our work out sessions.

The problem is, there are so many apps out there, how can you figure out which is the best one for you without spending two months trying them all?

Well, you can read this.

Six pack abs

You can pick this app for free on both the App Store and Google Play Store. It includes almost 20 core-strengthening exercises performed by avatars to help you ensure proper form. It also allows you to choose music playlists to get you through the workout.

You can also pay for a premium version that gives access to more workouts.


This requires absolute minimum effort – which is good for those of you out there who aren’t so big on fitness. It’s a simple app that helps you track your daily movement – walking, cycling, or running. All you need to do is carry your phone about!


A great all rounder, MyFitnessPal is exactly that. A friend in your pocket designed to help you keep track of all things fitness. You can enter what you’ve eaten to count calories and what activities you’ve been doing, like swimming, and then it’ll adjust goals accordingly.


This is hugely popular app amongst hardcore runners and cyclers. It brings the competition element to solo running/riding. It tracks you and your times, and then puts them up against people who have also worked out on the same or similar routes. It also suggests popular routes near you, perfect for those out there becoming a little bored of their usual evening run.


If motivation is your problem, this is the app for you. It’s free, and awards you points for various workouts. Once you achieve a certain number of points, you level up. It adds the reward and competition elements to help ensure you’re continually pushing yourself.

Before we wrap this up, we should also note that Apple and Google have released their own fitness trackers. ‘Health’ and ‘GoogleFit’ should be baked into your operating system once they’ve updated, but you can search for them in your app store too.