Warming up before your workout is vitally important. But many people skip it. They’ve motivated themselves to go on a run or lift weights and so they jump straight into the task.

This can lead to a whole host of problems. Warm ups are there to benefit you in a number of ways...

Increases blood circulation

If you jog on the spot for 5 to 10 minutes prior to your workout then you’re gradually increasing blood circulation. You’re giving your body ‘prep’ time by gradually increasing heart rate, warming your muscles and helping your ligaments and tendons become more flexible.

You don’t want them to tear.

Mental preparation

One of the most overlooked benefits of warming up is that it mentally prepares you for the workout. If you’re involved in a particularly strenuous workout then a mental prep is important. Steep hill running and heavy lifting are stressful. You need time to prepare you head and your body.

Warm up!

What’s the difference between warming up and stretching?

If you’ve ever spoken about pre workout rituals before then I don’t doubt you’ve heard about warming up and stretching. But what’s the difference? Isthere a difference?

Well yes. They’re two very different principles. Warming up is exactly as the name suggests. Gradually heating your body up in preparation for your workout. And stretching is designed specifically for the muscles. To stretch them out so you don’t injure yourself.

You don’t want to start stretching without warming the muscles up first. It’ll cause an injury. They need warmth to stretch. If they’re cold, you could end up tearing them.

So the next time you head out on a workout make sure you warm up. It’s very important if you want to avoid injury!