For anyone looking to start out on a new fitness regime, the internet is often a great place to conduct some research. But it’s also a place full of myth and legend. Where you’ll hear as much bad information as you’ll hear good.

So we decided to help clarify a few things. We’ve exposed some of the most common myths here.

Women need different exercise than men

Both sexes have the same body structure but different hormonal make-ups, which doesn’t mean they should work out differently. Men often focus on abs, chest, and arms. Whereas women concentrate on gluts and legs. Both sexes often neglect one half of their body.

The more you sweat the more you burn

Been for a run and sweating more than normal? That doesn’t mean you’ve burned more calories. Sweating is your body’s defence against overheating. If you’re sweating more it might mean that it’s either an especially hot day or your body is a little more fatigued than usual.

Stretching helps your body recover quicker

A recent study by the University of Milan found the effects of a post workout stretch had no real effects. But while it might not have any direct effects on soreness or increase the speed of recovery, it still has certain benefits.

If done when the body is still warm after the workout, you can increase joint flexibility.

Yoga isn’t great for burning calories

Yoga is excellent for improving flexibility and gaining strength, but it’s not much of an aerobic activity. A 50 minute yoga session will burn around 237 calories. Which is pretty measly compared to other activities.

You burn more fat on an empty stomach

Well this isn’t completely untrue. The body is deprived of nutrients in the morning so will tap fat stores. But it isn’t the right approach, because working out on an empty stomach will burn more muscle – which defeats the purpose.

So those are the five most common work out myths. Do you know about any more? Let us know!