The treadmill is probably the most popular piece of fitness equipment around. It isn’t often you walk into a gym to find that all the treadmills are free.

You’ll probably spend a lot of time on there but, even so, are you seeing the results you want? If not, it could be that you’re inadvertently making a few common mistakes.

With this in mind, here’s Fit Hire’s guide concerning what NOT to do on a treadmill!

Tensing up – while treadmill running it isn’t quite as natural as running outside, it is still important to relax your body. Running on a belt can seem strange at first, but you can alleviate neck, shoulder and lower back pain by staying loose. It’s also a good idea not to head too far towards the front of the machine.

Ignoring the incline facility – it’s nice when you build a steady rhythm up on the belt – running at an even pace feels good – but, by increasing the incline you can burn more calories and become a stronger runner in a shorter amount of time. Furthermore, raising the angle of the deck can help avoid shin splints. So, the next time you’re on a treadmill, push the incline up a little.

Holding on tight – when you’re first starting out you might feel more comfortable holding on to the railing. However, it’s better not to let this become a habit, as running ‘hands-free’ will help you burn more calories. If you don’t feel safe without holding on, try reducing the speed a little until you get used to it.

Habit – a lot of people find the speed that works for them and stick to it. This isn’t necessarily a good idea – it’s better to vary your treadmill workout in order to avoid plateauing.

Using the treadmill only – if the only machine you ever bother with is the treadmill, you’re missing out on a whole lot of calorie burning potential. If you fall into this trap, try to break your habit. When you finish your running session, head over and do five-minutes strength training.

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