One of our staff – we’ll call him ‘Little Pat’ – has made a New Year’s Resolution to get fit (not before time, we might add)! He’s set himself a target of entering a half-marathon early in the autumn. Why? Well, as a way of inspiring him to stick to the plan, we have encouraged him to share his training diary, so we’ll let him tell you…

Hi, ‘Little Pat’ here. Yes, there is an element of sarcasm in the nickname (quite a large element, actually), but I don’t mind.

Why get fit? Firstly, most of the employees at FH are pretty fit and I don’t like being the one who isn’t. I also feel a bit of a hypocrite urging others to be healthier whilst doing nothing about it myself. To be honest, my old joke about volunteering to be the ‘before’ in ‘before and after’ diet/exercise pics has long since passed its sell-by date.

Moreover, I’m in my late fifties. As I approach old age, I face a choice of entering it reasonably fit and healthy or with all the attendant problems of being 3 or more stones overweight.

So, why a half-marathon? Well, I have run one before, but that was 18 years ago, which raises a few snags. You see, my mind thinks I’m still a runner but, whenever I try, my body makes it clear that I’m not. Worse still, the tiny competitive spark that remains in me is insisting that I run the distance faster than last time to make the attempt valid.

But, the blunt truth is that I’m a lot heavier and a lot less fit than I was before I ran my first ‘half’. However, by making the decision to run early I have given myself almost twice as long to prepare as before – a definite plus.

The staff at FH have been supportive – one of my colleagues has even offered to run the race with me, which is nice. I’ll let you know how I get on.