There are times when it can seem virtually impossible to fit quality exercise time into our hectic and overcrowded lifestyles. Indeed, this is frequently the case for any intended course of self-improvement. We want to do it, but we’re worried that we just won’t have time to commit.

So, what do we do, give up? No, the key is to get rid of unnecessary clutter (both real and mental) and focus on a simple plan that will enable us to progress one step at a time.

'Fine', I hear you say, 'but how, exactly?'.

Well, to help us, Hannah Wilson of Fox Phys shares her top 5 tips for developing an effective single-tasking regime…


How many times have you caught yourself saying ‘I haven’t got time’ or ‘I’m too busy for that’?

Well in the words of John F. Kennedy – “We must use time as a tool, not as a crutch”. 

Over many years, failures and ultimately successes I have learnt the hard way about how to nail the art of progression – after all failure is success if we learn from it.

And guess what – it doesn’t involve beating yourself up for the things you didn’t do because there is a simple one-step action plan that will help you to achieve the same success. Whether you are striving for lower body fat, lean muscle gain, better performance within your chosen sport, launching a business, reaching your six-figure turnover goal, or being a healthier version of you – I can help.

Being a Mum of two, launching my business in the midst of nappies, school runs, finding time for socialising and exercising; I know the struggle of going it alone and now I am here to offer you a guiding hand so that you can get there a lot quicker and more efficiently.

Here are my top 5 tips for single tasking.
1. Build a morning ritual – Power Hour
2. De-clutter – your workspace, your home, your mind.
3. Focus on the art of listening instead of talking – you may be surprised about how much you can learn.
4. Write down one thing that you would like to become better at each week. Just one!
5. Break down your chosen goal into manageable steps by doing one thing a day that will help you on the path to success by the end of the week.

Hannah x

Further details of Hannah and Fox Phys can be found here.

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