Have you made a big effort to get fit for your holiday? If that's the case and you've achieved your goals – well done! You deserve a rest.

Even so, you won’t want to lose any of that hard-earned fitness while you’re away. That's understandable, but it poses a question – what can you do to stay in shape? One answer is portable training equipment.

You might be surprised to learn that there are numerous items of exercise equipment (weighing next to nothing) that can easily be accommodated in a bag or case. What’s more, they will provide you with a good workout.

The best option is probably resistance bands. These long strips of latex (either circular or open-ended) provide an excellent progressive resistance workout. You can use them to train virtually every part of the body. Another advantage is that they are available in different weights and strengths, thereby covering the needs of both experts and beginners.

An alternative would be a suspension training kit. These commonly consist of a couple of adjustable commercial-strength straps with loop attachments, a pair of handles/stirrups and an anchor. When assembled, the ‘harness’ can be attached to a variety of objects, such as doors, bars, tree branches, etc. Use them with your bodyweight for a full workout.

What about cardio training? Think no further than the humble skipping rope. They can be used in a variety of ways, and are so portable that you could even carry one in a pocket! What’s more, skipping is a first-rate calorie burner.

With portable equipment like this, there's no need to pine for a workout while you're away. Go to it!