Ever wanted to take your favourite machine home with you?

Our local Leisure Centre (Taro Centre, Petersfield) is currently undergoing a refurbishment at a cost of £3 million – and as part of this, the gym equipment will be replaced with new stock. The previous equipment is still in pretty good condition, so where does it end up? Well, it's far too good to be scrapped, so it may well have been sold to a gym looking for a bargain package.

In recent years, we have discovered that pre-owned commercial equipment can be a great opportunity for our customers too.

If you're a gym member, it's possible that you have a favourite piece of equipment – most likely a cardio item, like a treadmill or cycle. Surely, having the same machine at home would be great? Unfortunately, buying a new one could run to many thousands of pounds, but a pre-owned item makes perfect sense.

We regularly buy used commercial equipment, and many of our domestic customers now have their favourite machine at home.

We're listing most of the equipment on eBay, so why not take a look here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/fithire-online/m.html…

And, since we also hire equipment, it's often possible to try an item before buying. Could this be the solution for you? If so, taking the ‘Gym’ home couldn't be easier.