Before we try to answer that question, we need to clarify what we are talking about.  The term vibration training refers to the use of the vibrating platforms (plates) commonly found in gyms, athletic clubs, fitness centres, etc.

What is it?

The theory is that, by performing exercises while a part of the body or the entire body is supported on an oscillating platform, the muscle receptors are stimulated in a way which makes them work harder, thereby intensifying the workout.

Does it work?

The latest research indicates that vibration training represents an effective means of increasing workout intensity and gaining faster results.  For those with time constraints, it also offers the possibility of a meaningful workout in a shorter timeframe.

Furthermore, the ability to concentrate on specific areas of the body and enhance stability suggests that there is significant potential for the application of this kind of training in re-habilitation work.

However, rather than representing a short-cut to fitness, vibration training is most effective when used in conjunction with other forms of exercise and a sensible eating plan.

Do I need to buy a top-grade model?

This is not an easy question to answer.  Results based on feedback from customers who have purchased models from both ends of the price spectrum can be found on a number vibration training websites.

The conclusion seems to be that, while the time-honoured saying ‘You get what you pay for’ still holds good, the benefits of this type of training can, nevertheless, be experienced by those not able to afford the most expensive equipment.  That said, any results for those using cheaper equipment tend to be a lot slower and some very cheap models have been known to actually cause joint stress rather than protect against it.  It would appear that the quality of oscillation is a key factor in the effectiveness of this type of training.

Perhaps the best advice we came across was for anyone considering this kind of training to try a vibration plate in a gym before deciding to purchase.  We would endorse that.

Try before you buy

To this end, Fit Hire has a number of vibration plates available for hire.  These range from mid-priced models to top-grade professional machines.  Check out the following:

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