What motivates you? What drives you to put on your sport gear and workout at those times when you don’t feel like it? By that, I don’t mean when your body is screaming that you’re too tired, but rather those times when you feel OK physically, but less than enthusiastic mentally.

Having an objective (you can have more than one) is crucial for motivation. Ideally, you’ll have short and medium-term goals as well. These should be challenging, but achievable, whereas your ultimate target can be as far-fetched as you like. Feel free to dream big!

I’m going to share one of mine (see the pic). I bought those leathers a while back but couldn’t get into them. I want to get into them!

Here’s how it works. Yesterday, after a great night’s sleep I felt fresh physically, but was not really looking forward to my workout. During each part of the routine, I kept a mental picture of those leathers before me. I imagined getting into them and finding them a nice fit. My workout was over in no time!

Whatever your objective, visualise yourself achieving it (a very useful tool) and keep that image before you when you’re struggling for motivation. It works! P.