The last time we checked in on ‘Little Pat’ (back in February), he was part way through a running training schedule aimed at preparing for a half-marathon. 

After that, things went quiet and we kind of guessed something must have gone wrong. So, what did happen? 

Hi, ‘Little Pat’ here. 

Quite right – I didn’t run the half-marathon. There were several reasons for this, not least my pig-headed insistence on trying to run it faster than I’d done previously. Okay, I’d allowed 12 additional weeks for preparation, but that was totally inadequate to compensate for the passage of 18 years and the addition of around 2.5 stones in weight! I guess I should have realised that would be the case.

The additional weight was also the cause of another problem, namely the stress on my joints from pounding the roads. Yes, I invested in good quality, cushioned running shoes, but it still wasn’t enough. The bottom line is that I was probably too heavy for road running. Things might have been easier had I tried to run off-road.

Finally (and crucially), I just wasn’t enjoying it.

For a while, I was disillusioned and did nothing, but this clearly wasn’t going to solve the problem of needing to get fit. So, what next? 

Well, I’ve been back in training for a few weeks now, following a simple workout comprised of around a dozen exercises. The routine uses a mix of bodyweight exercises and others involving barbells and dumbbells.

With warm-up/mobility and cool-down/stretching, the entire routine takes about an hour to complete, which is about right for my low-boredom tolerance threshold. 

To kickstart the weight loss, I’m currently combining the workout with the Fast Diet. I’m pleased to say that, thus far, things are going well. I’ve lost about 6 lbs in weight, have dropped a trouser size and now have to fasten my belts one notch tighter. I’ve also had the pleasure of being able to get back into clothes that I haven’t been able to wear for the past few years.

One observation I would make at this stage is that it’s important to savour these little ‘victories’. They can be used as motivation to train when you don’t feel like it. 

Generally, however, I do feel like it. I’ve always preferred weights to cardio and I enjoy the routine, even though I’m trying to make the training as hard as I can. Whenever possible, I prefer to get my workout done first thing (ie before breakfast) as that works best for me. The later I leave it, then the greater the risk of me skipping it! 

That’s all for now – it’s good to be back. :-)
Little Pat