On some days, the only thing worse than working out, is NOT working out! That might sound harsh, but after a particularly bad night’s sleep I had almost no energy for a workout (I like to get my training done first thing). Worse still, if energy was lacking, then motivation was non-existent.

More sleep was needed. The logical thing to do was to forget the workout and get some ‘shut-eye’. A sensible decision, you might think, but it was one which give me little comfort. Instead of relaxing and drifting into deep and restorative sleep, I lay there full of angst and frustration. Even the promise (undoubtedly false) to myself, of a fitted-in workout later in the day failed to pacify!

With no relief forthcoming, I began to wonder whether all this negative energy wouldn’t be better off channelled into a workout. After all, laying in bed was getting me nowhere. I didn’t fancy a session in the slightest, but surely it would be an improvement on this?

And so it proved. I doubt if it was my greatest workout ever, but it was a lot better than I’d anticipated. Furthermore, the sense of satisfaction at end was worth all the effort. I was then totally at peace, and without that nagging sense of guilt that hounded me beforehand.

It would be misleading though, to give the impression that it’s always like this. Far from it. I genuinely look forward to my workouts most of the time. I like weight training and, although I’m somewhat restricted by the fact that my ‘gym’ is the dining room (and has to remain capable of being used as such), I’m happy to follow a fairly basic routine. There is also a geekish satisfaction in logging my results and seeing the improvements in weights/reps.

Okay, I might lose out a little by not joining a gym (eg minimal kit and restricted exercise options) but, in my view, this is amply compensated by no journeys, no queues for machinery, no membership fees, and (very important this) breakfast immediately afterwards! :-)


If you're thinking of exercising at home, here is some information which may help you: