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Q:     Do you hire and sell to domestic or corporate customers?
A:     We offer hire and sales to both domestic and corporate customers, with some companies having special agreed discounts for staff. Please call to negotiate this.
Q:     How do I decide which equipment is best for me?
A:     This will depend on what you want to achieve. Please take a look at our page What equipment do I need? for guidelines. Just click the icon, on the right hand side of the Sales and Hire pages. Our most popular items are treadmills, cross trainers (ellipticals), exercise cycles, rowers and vibration plates.
Q:     Can I try the equipment before hiring?
A:     Yes, simply visit our showroom to compare the equipment at your leisure. Click on "Find Us" for a map. Please call us before your visit, to check if the equipment you wish to see is in stock.
Q:     Can children use the equipment too?
A:     We can only insure hire for users of 16 years and over, but this does not mean that younger children could not use it.   In fact, we can also supply children's fitness equipment, which is suitable for those below the teenage years.

Q:     Can I buy the equipment I am hiring?
A:     Yes, this is a good way to ensure you buy the equipment that is right for you. If you buy your hired equipment, the cost depends on its age and condition, as some items may be new and others previously hired. You can also return the hire model and buy a new one at a reduced price.
Q:     Is there a minimum period of hire?
A:     For home hire, we have a 4 week minimum, although this is flexible in special circumstances. Corporate hire is normally a 26 week minimum, but we often arrange special rates for very short term hires (for Hotel guests, exhibitions, promotions, photo shoots etc.) We also supply commercial equipment into a domestic setting - please contact us to check the minimum hire period.
Q:     Can I change the equipment I hire, to try something different?
A:     Yes, of course. We will simply collect the equipment and deliver something different. This may incur a small charge for customers outside of our local area.
Q:     Do you offer discounts for multiple hired items?
A:     Yes, and this can be negotiated either before or during the hire.
Q:     Do I need to keep the equipment indoors?
A:     Yes. In fact, you should avoid any atmosphere that is very dusty, or damp, (especially free-standing garages and pool areas, where the chemicals can corrode certain parts).
Q:     Who is responsible for non-routine maintenance and breakdowns?
A:     Fit Hire Ltd. covers the Hirer for these, although a charge is made for serious damage (other than reasonable wear and tear).
Q:     Do you charge for delivery?
A:     Equipment bought new (boxed) is delivered free of charge in Mainland UK, but we may charge for assembly and installation. For hire, the charges depend on the distance from our showroom in Petersfield, and we try to keep the costs reasonable. Please call for a quote.
Q:     Who insures the equipment while it is on hire?
A:     We insure the Hirer for Public and Product Liability of up to £2 million, and for equipment in transit (in our vehicles). The Hirer must ensure that their home or business insurance covers the value of our equipment against fire and theft.
Q:     How is payment made?
A:     We ask for 4 weeks hire charges, and reserve the right to ask for an additional 4 week deposit, which is returned at the end of the hire. We accept cards, Paypal, cheques, cash and Bank payments. Some customers prefer to set up a Standing Order.
Q:     Do you require identification?
A:     Yes, we need 2 forms of identification and a signature on delivery.
Q:     Do you offer personal training?
A:     We don't offer this service, but have partnerships with personal trainers throughout the country, so we can recommend these to you.
Q:     How do I cancel the hire?
A:     Just call us, or e mail, preferably with a few days notice, so we can schedule a collection at a convenient time.