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Professional Installation

We give a fast and dependable service to all of our clients, whether individuals or large corporations. Once you have chosen your equipment, we offer a choice of delivery dates and times, communicating with you at every stage. On the delivery day, your waiting time is kept to a minimum, and full instructions are given by our professional installers. For technical equipment we always leave a User Guide for reference.

Your choice of fitness equipment may be limited depending on the room size, building layout and access from the roadside. It can be very frustrating to find that a machine will not fit through a door or along a corridor! We have many years of experience in logistical planning, so if you are unsure, just ask.

Fitness equipment is often heavy and/or bulky, and since we value the health of our staff, we always ask for access information in advance. Questions we ask may include:

Are there any parking or height restrictions at the roadside?
How wide are the external and internal doors, and are there any tight turns?
Are there any steps or stairs to negotiate?
Does the room the equipment is to be used in suffer with damp (ie. a detached garage or pool room)?
Do you have any neighbours (particularly downstairs!) that may be disturbed by your training?

We look forward to being of service to you soon.